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Zap Upgrade #1: 104 Additional Email Series

The more you mail to your subscribers list, the more money you’ll be making.

So we're giving you a significant EXTENSION to your email marketing campaigns with these ready-to-go, written for you email series!

In the Main Package you have 7 email series... this time we make it better for you by bringing your email campaigns up to 20 days!

For EACH product, we’re adding 13 pre-written emails into your follow up sequence that you can use to pre-sell even more products - all on complete autopilot!

That’s a total of (13 x 8) = 104 ADDITIONAL email series you'll be getting instant access to with this Upgrade.

We've done the writing... Just copy, paste and replace with your affiliate links to the offers you want to promote along with these contents. Easy money in the making!

Real Value: $1,560

Zap Upgrade #2: Video Training Center

You know how important it is to give value to subscribers, especially when just anyone with an autoresponder can send out 'salesy' emails.

All the more value is prized by subscribers... but only if there is a way to enhance giving value on autopilot, right?

Well this is your answer!

Let's face it: having a simple Landing Page site is a  good first step, but not enough in itself. Now you can put this built-in training video center for your new subscribers.

With 10 training videos (see more info next Component) you can not only educate your new subscribers in Internet Marketing, you can pre-sell any offer you want... and they will be more ready!

Real Value: $500

Zap Upgrade #3: 10 Video Training Ready To Go

There’s no better way to build trust and pre-sell your offers than providing video trainings. This is part of the learning center above.

Once they click on it, they will be able to view the 10 video trainings FREE and on the very same page, we include a button which tell them to "Click Here To Continue" so that they can check your offers.

Just link the offer you want to promote to this button and everything is ready to go. No guess work. It’s a complete done for you pre-selling system.

Real Value: $1,000

Zap Upgrade #4: Instant Legal Pages

Simple yet highly required Pages for your sites... but also the most annoying to do! We've got you covered.

To keep you in compliance with the laws and give your website a more 'authority' look and feel, we also provide you done-for-you legal documents to place on your website - available in both HTML and OptimizePress 2.0 format.

These include:

  • Income Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use

Real Value: $100

Zap Upgrade #5: 40 High Converting Banner Ads

Banners are highly effective when used to advertise online. Animated banners grab viewer's attention a lot more. So we have decided to create 8 SETS of 5 banners – i.e. 40 images in total - so you don't spend unnecessary time and money creating them.

All these banners come into standard dimensions that you can use on your blogs, websites and even on banner ad networks.

These awesome banners will drive a swarm of visitors to your site when used effectively.

Real Value: $1,000

Zap Upgrade #6: PSD Files To All Graphics

It's yours completely, and maybe you want to customize the look and feel to set yourself apart. That's why we include the PSD Photoshop files for all the graphics, so you or your designer can quickly and easily make whatever adjustments you'd like.

With these you can easily:

  • Edit the name of the product
  • Add your own brand
  • Change dimensions and looks
  • Edit the banners
  • Create MORE e-cover boxes
  • Change the graphic colors
  • And so many more...

Real Value: $500

Zap Upgrade #7: Master Resale Rights License

There's a LOT of money to be made in reselling this package along with its sales materials (not source files).

There are so many people looking for this opportunity and would be willing to pay a huge amount for it.

You can even transfer the 'Resale Rights' to those marketers after branding this product with your website address.

So when they sell the video course with your website information inside, they'll be promoting your business for free.

A true viral marketing campaign.

This is HUGE. You need this!

Real Value: $500

This package will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competitors.

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Zap Upgrade #1: 104 Additional Email Series - $1,560 value

Zap Upgrade #2: Video Training Center - $500 value

Zap Upgrade #3: 10 Video Training Ready To Go - $1,000 value

Zap Upgrade #4: Instant Legal Pages - $100 value

Zap Upgrade #5: 40 High Converting Banner Ads - $500 value

Zap Upgrade #6: PSD Files To All Graphics - $500 value

Zap Upgrade #7: Master Resale Rights License - $500 value

Total Value: $4,660

Zap Funnel - Upgrade Package

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This is truly your last chance to upgrade your package as we won't be offering this again later. Our guarantee still stands, so decide wisely.