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To qualify for instant payments you must have at least 100 sales in your account. For new accounts or otherwise, payment is on delayed status.

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Introducing Expert Graphics Videos

What Is It About?

Ever wondered how some people can become an instant expert in graphic design using Photoshop & GIMP?

Trust me, they don't learn all the skills. They only learn the essential skills than can be applied to even to most advanced of designs. This is what Expert Graphics Videos is - A collection of 15 videos on mastering the fundamentals of Photoshop & GIMP, and 30 more videos for Expert Graphics Videos Pro that teaches you the more advanced skills.

All the videos are compiled in a way so that you learn from them step by step and to minimize confusion. All the complex techniques will be explained in such a clear way, even a primary schooler can understand them in the first watch.

Plus, Private Label Rights are offered with Expert Graphics Videos, so that you can have a powerful tool to turn into a seminar, webinar or even a 1-on-1 coaching material that can pay you 5 figures per client!

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In 2017, I hosted my first LIVE Mastermind event in one of the most expensive villas in Malaysia, attended by participants from around the world.

In the 4 days I shared my high ticket and high level online strategies. More than that, it was a fantastic platform to forge long term friendships and connections on a higher level, possible with a small but intimate group.

Plus hey, enjoy a little R & R! You can take your family here too for a short getaway while you mingle with us and the people I bring together.

FYI the least paying attendee was still at $5,000 and highest was $35,000. I plan to do the next 4-day event again end of this year in either Malaysia or Indonesia - but for my top 3 affiliates I'll sponsor your ticket to the event and accommodation!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Definitely! Get in touch with me to request review access.

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Absolutely! Check out our Affiliate Bonuses page that's ready made for you.

How can I contact you?

Skype Username: EdmundLoh

Please let me know that you found me through this page.

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To qualify for instant payments you must have at least 100 sales in your account. For new accounts or otherwise, payment is on delayed status.

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To qualify for instant payments you must have at least 100 sales in your account. For new accounts or otherwise, payment is on delayed status.

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Your ticket to being a graphic design expert?

[New PLR] 15 expert videos on Photoshop & GIMP!


June Ashley and Edmund Loh are renowned for introducing simple yet professional graphic solutions for marketers and business owners.

It’s no surprise this is how they’ve been making a fortune for themselves.

This time though, they are providing solutions to aspiring graphic designers!

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June Ashley and Edmund Loh are releasing the Private Label Rights to their newest Graphics Video product…

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[24 Hours Left] Become a graphics expert with this PLR!

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Last Chance – Get Expert Graphics Videos before the offer ends!

The other day I told you about tthe new Expert Graphics Videos.

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Expert Graphics Video is the latest PLR release from the team of experts in mastering Photoshop & GIMP.

In essence, it teaches you on how to crush it in the graphics business without worrying of wasting your time and money.

Here are some Private Label ideas you can do with this:

* Rebrand this – put your name as the author and change the design

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* Repackage this – workshop or seminar material?

* Bonus – for giveaway and generate leads or to your paid products

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The list can go on…

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Edmund Loh

June Ashley

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