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What You Get In This Upgrade Package

Upgrade Component 1: Video Series Of The Training Course (MP4 Format)

You get the video version of this training course, which in itself can be a potential middle or big ticket offer - if you choose to sell it and position it so!

The video series is voiced over by a professional American voice over actor we hired to make this training course as amazing and clearly presented as possible.

If you want to resell as it is, embed into your membership site OR take one step further by rebranding these videos and edit them . . . these videos are what you need!

Here’s The Video Full List:

  • #1: Why Go For High Paying Clients
  • #2: What it Takes to Close High Paying Clients
  • #3: How to Position Yourself as an Expert
  • #4: How to Identify and Qulify Clients
  • #5: The Sales Process
  • #6: Overcoming Sales Objections
  • #7: How to Price Your Product
  • #8: How to Deliver Results After Payment Is Made

Upgrade Component 2: Presentation Slides

Want to edit parts of the main video series in detail? Or get the slides access for your own offline presentation? No problem! You get the Powerpoint Slides in PPT and JPEG format that were used for the entire video series.

(74 slides total)

Upgrade Component 3: Full Transcript To Main Video Series

Accompanying the audio and video product is the written transcript. You can do your own voice over simply by following these transcripts. Can be sold as a standalone E-Book or complement the audio/video product.

Upgrade Component 4: Audio MP3 Version

icon-mp3You can include this as part of the product you are selling, add introduction and ending music, or do audio streaming on your website. The audio is professionally done by our hired American voice over artist!

Upgrade Component 5: Upsell Sales Letter & Thank You Page

This component alone is what's going to put in that extra 20% to 30% more sales for you with no extra traffic, no extra customers... and no extra effort!

With this ready-made Upsell sales page, show this to your Front-End customers and you can crank in more sales from the same buyers!

Like the main product sales page, you just need to put in your order link and you're ready to roll!

Upgrade Component 6: Instant Affiliate Promo Tools Page

That’s right! You also get this instant promotion tools page with all the materials such as promotion emails and banners ready to go! While you can use this for yourself, the main purpose of this promotion tools page is for the convenience of your affiliates.

Recruit your affiliate army and send them here... they will help themselves to all these pre-made promotion materials and enthusiastically promote your offer for profits!

Upgrade Component 7: High Converting Banner Ads x 5

Together with the promotion tools page, you get a set of 5 x graphic banner ads that you can put on your website, blog or thank you page . . . or let your affiliates use them!

These are the proven banner ad dimensions that get clicks, which is why I deliberately chose these 5 dimensions for you to use for your banner advertising!

Banner Ad Sizes Given:

  • 120x300 pixels
  • 160x600 pixels
  • 300x250 pixels
  • 250x250 pixels
  • 728x90 pixels

Upgrade Component 8: Swipe Promo Emails x 4

vector-email-girlIn addition to the banner ads, you also get the swipe emails you can use to blast out to your mailing list - effectively making you sales as early as within the next couple of hours!

OR you can put this in your autoresponder and set it to send out at a certain interval

OR let your affiliates use it, slap their link in, and promote relentlessly for you!

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Mega Bonus #1

Mega Bonus #2

Mega Bonus #3

Mega Bonus #4

Mega Bonus #5

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“High Paying Clients Secrets” UPGRADE Package

  • Upgrade Component 1: Video Tutorials (MP4)
  • Upgrade Component 2: Presentation Slides
  • Upgrade Component 3: Full Transcript To Main Video Series
  • Upgrade Component 4: Audio MP3 to Main Video Series
  • Upgrade Component 5: Upsell Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Upgrade Component 6: Instant Promo Tools Page
  • Upgrade Component 7: High Converting Banner Ads
  • Upgrade Component 8: Swipe Promo Emails x 4

You Also Get:

  • Mega Bonus #1: 200 HD Stock Photo Library - $1,000 value Yours FREE
  • Mega Bonus #2: Resell Rights Mastery Enterprise Access - $497 value Yours FREE
  • Mega Bonus #3: Swipe File Chamber - $47 value Yours FREE
  • Mega Bonus #4: Email Promo Club membership - $47 value Yours FREE
  • Mega Bonus #5: Mastery of Words copywriting membership - $77 value Yours FREE

Upgrade For Just $197.00 Now Only

High Paying Clients Secrets PLR Upgrade + Mega Bonuses

Edmund Loh

Mindie Sai

P.S. In the slight chance you happen to scroll down here first before checking out what we have to say, bear in mind that this offer is available to you ONLY ONCE and ONLY THROUGH THIS PAGE.

We suggest spending a couple of minutes just finding out how this can ramp up your online profits and bottom-line with this Upgrade package. 🙂