WAIT! One MORE Chance . . .

I'll Knock Off $20 So You Can Still Go Next Level With My FB Ads Secrets PLR

(But Make No Mistake: This Is Pretty Much Your Last Chance...)

For some reason, you decided not to take up the Upgrade.

I wonder if it was because of the price?

From one business owner to another, you should focus on making money vs saving money. With this upgrade, you can very well have your own instant One-Time Offer. Or be able to charge your Clients more for premium content. Or even scale your business to the next level with what I share in these videos.

That's why I think it would be a waste if you pass this up because the other alternative is doing everything by yourself. This is what we call an opportunity cost.

So here's what I am going to do for you...

I am going to give you another chance at upgrading your PLR package - at a lower price this time.

To be fair to others who have paid full price, I am going to remove all of the bonuses you saw in the previous page. So you get just the Next Level FB Ads Secrets with Private Label Rights.

Let's Recap Again...

Next Level Component #1: FB Ad Secrets Next Level Video Training For Scaling

Whereas the FB Ad Secrets was made for beginners just starting in Facebook advertising, these videos answer the coming challenges they will face as they scale to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per day while remaining profitable.

Here's a breakdown on the videos covered in this course:

01 - Security Measure - How To Set Ad Spend Limit [3:08]

02 - How To Spy On FB Ads - Page Transparency [4:43]

03 - How To Optimize And Split Test FB Ads [8:44]

04 - How To Duplicate Ad Sets Correctly [11:01]

05 - How To Create Custom Audience [12:36]

06 - How To Add Customer List To Audiences [5:05]

07 - How To Create Lookalike Audience [6:06]

08 - How To Do FB Retargeting [6:09]

09 - Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) [6:37]

10 - How To Delete Unused Page Posts [3:22]

11 - What To Do If FB Ad Account Disabled [5:46]

12 - What To Do With Hater Comments [1:21]

13 - How To View Breakdown [5:55]

14 - FB Ad Hacks [17:23]

Total running time 1 hour 38 minutes 01 second

Here's a preview to just one of the videos:

(These videos are valued at $2,997)

Next Level Component #2: Workbook and Framework in PDF and WORD

These are the workbook and frame works I usually include in both my live workshops and online courses, for students to use while building their Facebook ad campaigns and scaling further.

While it comes in PDF format, I also include the Word document to all 9 of the workbooks / frame works with my labels removed. This allows for you to edit and personalize as your own.

(These materials are valued at $697)

Next Level Component #3: Upgrade Sales Copy And Thank You Page

Naturally, you also get the sales copy and thank you page for this Upgrade offer that you can personalize as your own, add your buy button in, and stack into your funnel.

Both the HTML page and Word document version are provided.

(This component is valued at least $1,997)

Next Level Component #4: Professional Graphics Set with PSD Files

You also get the Graphics set for this Upgrade package. The PNG, JPG and also PSD editable files are included so if you have Photoshop or GIMP (a free graphics editor software you can download online) you can edit the covers however your creativity sees fit.

(Expert Graphic Designers charge $497 for a similar bundle)

Next Level Component #5: 4 x Autoresponder Email Series

You get my email series that upsell and/or pitch this next level video course.

As with the previous email series, you can personalize it and add to your email autoresponder service of choice. Ideally, that these emails go out to your Customers that bought FB Ad Secrets, as the Upgrade makes more sense to them. I still recommend that the emails are set to DAILY interval.

(This is a $200 value component)

Next Level Component #6: Ready Made FB Video Ads

If you're going to go next level, it only makes sense that this component does as well.

You get the 1280x1280 ready-made video ads that you can also use in your Facebook advertising campaigns. A good video ad typically outperforms a good image ad in most cases, and what I'm giving here is a set of video ads you can plug and play right away.

The videos are designed in such a way that it can be displayed across all Facebook platforms (Facebook newsfeed, Facebook story, Instagram newsfeed, Instagram story, Audience Network, and more...)

The MP4 videos are included, though the original Slides and Images are included as well if you're planning to make your own editing.

(This component is valued at $500)

Component #7: The Private Label Rights License

Ultimately, you get the Private Label Rights to it all. This is a RARE thing for me to do - I mean, this is the FIRST time I am releasing such a thing to this training course of mine. Even my live event participants paid more than what I am about to ask for... and don't even get any resale or private label rights of any kind!

That said, exclusive in this special offer, I am bundling the Private Label Rights license to the video training and the components above. This means you...

  • CAN put your name or pen name as the author
  • CAN change the title
  • CAN edit the contents i.e. book contents, watermark the videos, intro/outro, etc.
  • CAN edit the sales letter, thank you page and any other pages if any
  • CAN edit the graphics
  • CAN sell and keep 100% of the sales
  • CAN repurpose content to other formats e.g. video content transcribed to book
  • CAN put into paid membership site
  • Can be published offline (physical book, home study course, DVD, etc.)
  • CAN be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
  • CAN be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
  • CAN be broken into smaller mini-products or mini-courses as seen fit
  • CAN be translated to other languages
  • CAN sell with Resell / Master Resell Rights

There are limits to the license, so I want to also make it clear on the following list that you CANNOT do:

  • CANNOT resell or give away the Private Label Rights. I am the only and sole authority to sell the Private Label Rights to this product
  • CANNOT be given away for free. Which wouldn't make business sense anyway, plus you can do that with the Lead Magnet report (which is the one component allowed to do so)

This is my hard work, so if you are going to get the Private Label Rights to it please respect and abide by the terms and conditions.

(It is not uncommon for individual Private Label Rights License to sell for $2,997 and above...)

Upgrade To Next Level FB Ads Secrets Private Label Rights

$67.00 Now Just

FB Ad Secrets Next Level PLR Upgrade (save $20)

P.S. This is truly your last chance to upgrade your PLR package as I won't be offering this again later. My guarantee still stands, so decide wisely.

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