Never Before Offered...

Get The One-Of-A-Kind Private Label Rights To My 6 Figure Agency Secrets!

I almost didn't want to make this offer...

But after thinking this thoroughly, I decided it would be selfish if I kept it to myself.

When I run my live digital marketing events, I also train participants to monetize their newly acquired social media marketing skill immediately by becoming an AGENCY.

(and when I say 'agency' I don't mean you must have an office with full-time employees... in fact, a lot of profitable agencies today are nothing more than a 1-man operator with a laptop and phone!)

Because think about it: what do all businesses need?

More leads, right?
More sales, right?

And there are hundreds of millions of businesses around the world. Thus I teach my students and participants to offer their social media services - without a doubt the most versatile marketing skill anyone can master today - and get paid to generate leads to these businesses.

My live events had produced success stories with individuals - without prior experience - still able to get Clients. And this shouldn't be surprising because I've done this myself time and again.

In This Very Rare Exception, I Am Letting Go The Private Label Rights To My 6 Figure Agency Secrets!

Component #1: 6 Figure Agency Secrets Video Training

Covered exclusively in my digital marketing live and online programs - up until now, that is - you get the private label version to this video course that shows how anyone can start their own 1-man (or 1-woman) social media marketing agency and get their first batch of Clients!

In this 56 minute 6 second training video, discover:

☑️ How to start your own social media marketing agency without an office, staff and high overheads

☑️ How to price your packages

☑️ How to find your first Clients even if you are brand new and no one’s heard of you

☑️ How to quickly and easily build Trust and overcome jaded Clients

☑️ And scale to a profitable six figure per year agency business


My Training Has Produced Individuals That Run Their Own Successful Social Media Agencies - Here's Just One Of Them...

(This video training is valued at $997)

Component #2: Powerpoint Slides

You also get the Powerpoint Slides (PPT) that I use in the 6 Figure Marketing Agency Secrets video. Note this is the 'white labeled' version which means my personal details are removed or blurred out from my regular presentation that I use in both my live events and online training.

There are people that sign up for my program mainly for this training, so that speaks volumes on its value!

With the Powerpoint Slides, you can make your own editing and rebranding - and add in any personalization as you see fit.

(This is worth $497)

Component #3: Sales Copy And Thank You Page

You also get the sales copy and thank you page for this Agency training offer that you can personalize as your own, add your buy button in, and stack into your funnel.

Both the HTML page and Word document version are provided.

(This component is valued at least $1,997)

Component #4: Professional Graphics Set with PSD Files

You also get the Graphics set for this Upgrade package. The PNG, JPG and also PSD editable files are included so if you have Photoshop or GIMP (a free graphics editor software you can download online) you can edit the covers however your creativity sees fit.

(Expert Graphic Designers charge $497 for a bundle like this)

Component #5: 4 x Autoresponder Email Series

You get my email series that upsell and/or pitch this Agency video course.

As with the previous email series, you can personalize it and add to your email autoresponder service of choice. Ideally, that these emails go out to your Customers that bought FB Ad Secrets, as this progression Upgrade makes more sense to them. I still recommend that the emails are set to DAILY interval.

(This is a $200 value component)

Component #6: Ready Made FB Ads

I came up with these Facebook ad creatives that you can edit and use for your own. Again, I remove my personal details so make sure to replace or rebrand with your own.

This worked well for me for retargeting ads especially, you might want to consider doing the same.

NOTE: the ad copy and images are Facebook ad compliant when I used them for several months. But like anything else, sometimes they might tweak their policies a bit so always watch your choice of words - and again, always test different ad creatives!

That said, this is intended so you can save time and effort from figuring out what to write.

(This component is valued at $200)

Component #7: The Private Label Rights License

I am bundling the Private Label Rights license to the video training and the components above. This means you...

  • CAN put your name or pen name as the author
  • CAN change the title
  • CAN edit the contents i.e. book contents, watermark the videos, intro/outro, etc.
  • CAN edit the sales letter, thank you page and any other pages if any
  • CAN edit the graphics
  • CAN sell and keep 100% of the sales
  • CAN repurpose content to other formats e.g. video content transcribed to book
  • CAN put into paid membership site
  • Can be published offline (physical book, home study course, DVD, etc.)
  • CAN be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
  • CAN be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
  • CAN be broken into smaller mini-products or mini-courses as seen fit
  • CAN be translated to other languages
  • CAN sell with Resell / Master Resell Rights

There are limits to the license, so I want to also make it clear on the following list that you CANNOT do:

  • CANNOT resell or give away the Private Label Rights. I am the only and sole authority to sell the Private Label Rights to this product
  • CANNOT be given away for free. Which wouldn't make business sense anyway, plus you can do that with the Lead Magnet report (which is the one component allowed to do so)

(It is not uncommon for individual Private Label Rights License to sell for $1,997 and above...)

When I share my 6 figure agency secrets in my live events, this training alone is worth a lot more than the price of my entire program.

(I've personally paid for $697 - $2,000 courses to learn how to be a marketing agency)

So the idea of offering Private Label Rights to this one-of-a-kind training is... OVERPOWERED.

And if I should ever do that, it would seem right that I ask for 5 to 10 times the selling price.

At the same time, I know of marketers learning Facebook Ads and social media marketing want to monetize their skill a.s.a.p. and might not have their own product.

And let's face it: we are going through a rather exceptional time right now. So in a rare exception, I'm doing this special deal...


Get My 6 Figure Agency Secrets With Private Label Rights

$1,997 $997 Now Just

6 Figure Agency Secrets with Private Label Rights

P.S. But yes, there is a catch: I don't plan to make this widely available. So if you're seeing this, it means you're getting a rare shot at this.

And I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time I deem fit, so act now.

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