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What You Get In This Upgrade Package...

Upgrade Component #1: 30 On-Screen Video Tutorials

You get the video version of this training course, which in itself can be a potential middle or big ticket offer - if you choose to sell it and position it so!

The video series is voiced over by a professional British voice over actor we hired to make this training course as amazing and clearly presented as possible.

Whether you want to resell as it is OR take one step further by rebranding these videos, these MP4 videos are yours!

Here's The Full Video List

  • Photoshop: Using Curves In Photoshop For Better Lighting And Color
  • Photoshop: Adjusting Brightness Contrast And Exposure To Improve Lighting
  • Photoshop: Make Photos Pop And Change Colors With Hue Saturation Adjustments
  • Photoshop: Project 1 Create Web Banner Ads
  • Photoshop: Project 2 Design For YouTube
  • Photoshop: Project 3 Design A Facebook Advertisement
  • Photoshop: Project 4 Design A Facebook Page Cover
  • Photoshop: Project 5 Creating Typography Quotes Images
  • Photoshop: Healing Brush
  • Photoshop: Smart Filters
  • Photoshop: Image Dispersion Effect
  • Photoshop: Double Exposure effect
  • Photoshop: Neon Text Effect
  • Photoshop: Fire Text Effect
  • Photoshop: Lens Flare Effect
  • Photoshop: Lomography Effect
  • GIMP: Digital Black And White Conversion
  • GIMP: Coloring A Black And White Sketch
  • GIMP: Tone Mapping With Colors Exposures
  • GIMP: Film Grain Tutorial
  • GIMP: Luminosity Masks
  • GIMP: Creating A Contrast Mask
  • GIMP: Changing Background Color (Part 1)
  • GIMP: Changing Background Color (Part 2)
  • GIMP: The Various Blur Filters
  • GIMP: Noise Removal With Selective Gaussian Blur
  • GIMP: Paint Tools (Part 2)
  • GIMP: Color Tools
  • GIMP: Path Tool
  • GIMP: Installing Scripts Plug-Ins And Brushes

A Preview On Some Of The Videos In This Package

(These Videos Are Valued At $2,500 If You Outsource Or Hire Someone Else To Do It)

Upgrade Component #2: Professional Sales Page & Thank You Page

Keep your wallet away from expensive copywriters that charge thousands of dollars… because a professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You Page have already been done for you!

Put your name and order link, slap it up on your website and you can start selling right away!

Furthermore, unlike typical Resale Rights we won’t hold you back on how and what you want to present on your sales page.

(A Decent Copywriter Charges At Least $500 Or Higher To Write This Copy)

Upgrade Component #3: Instant Graphics Bundle

You can use the business-in-a-box as it is, although we feel you should take full advantage of the editing rights you get to this entire package. For this, you get the editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers and Website graphics!

icon-psdYou can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or alternatively GIMP (a free software available to download online) – add your name and URL, change the title, change the colors… it’s totally your choice!

(A Graphic Designer Would Charge $250 Or Higher For Equivalent Work)

Upgrade Component #4: Promo Tools Page

That’s right! You also get this instant promotion tools page with all the materials such as promotion emails and banners ready to go! While you can use this for yourself, the main purpose of this promotion tools page is for the convenience of your affiliates.

Recruit your affiliate army and send them here... they will help themselves to all these pre-made promotion materials and enthusiastically promote your offer for profits!

(This Is Valued At $100)

Upgrade Component #5: High Converting Banner Ads

Together with the promotion tools page, you get a set of 5 x graphic banner ads that you can put on your website, blog or thank you page . . . or let your affiliates use them!

These are the proven banner ad dimensions that get clicks, which is why I deliberately chose these 5 dimensions for you to use for your banner advertising!

Banner Ad Sizes Given:

  • 120x300 pixels
  • 160x600 pixels
  • 300x250 pixels
  • 250x250 pixels
  • 728x90 pixels

(Normally Valued At $100 Or Higher)

Upgrade Component #6: 4 Swipe Promo Emails

In addition to the banner ads, you also get the swipe emails you can use to blast out to your mailing list - effectively making you sales as early as within the next couple of hours!

OR you can put this in your autoresponder and set it to send out at a certain interval

OR let your affiliates use it, slap their link in, and promote relentlessly for you!

(I normally charge $25 per swipe email written = $100 value)

Upgrade Component 7: Audio MP3 to Upgrade Videos

icon-mp3You can include this as part of the product you are selling, add introduction and ending music, or do audio streaming on your website. The audio is professionally done by our hired American voice over artist!

(Valued At $300)

Upgrade Component #8: Private Label Rights License

Like the Main Video Series, you also get the Private Label Rights to edit, rebrand, watermark, and make these videos part of your Online Business vision.

(The Private Label Rights License Is Valued At $697)

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“Expert Graphics Videos PRO" PLR Upgrade Package

  • Upgrade Component #1: 30 On-Screen Video Tutorials
  • Upgrade Component #2: Ready-To-Go Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Upgrade Component #3: Covers And Graphics with PSD Files Included
  • Upgrade Component #4: Instant Promo Tools Page
  • Upgrade Component #5: Banner Ad Set x 5
  • Upgrade Component #6: Swipe Emails x 4
  • Upgrade Component #7: MP3 audio to all videos in this Upgrade
  • Upgrade Component #8: Private Label Rights License To Entire Package

You Also Get:

  • Mega Bonus #1: No Restriction PLR to My Instant Covers
  • Mega Bonus #2: Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Video Software
  • Mega Bonus #3: Graphics House Club membership
  • Mega Bonus #4: Traffic List Sales membership

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Expert Graphics Videos PLR Upgrade + Mega Bonuses