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PLRXtreme: Evergreen Leads Business

From Edmund Loh

If you have been marketing online for at least a while, then you must have heard that

The Money Is In The List

If you're going to build your business, you need to build a list of prospects and buyers.

And if you don't have a list, you don't have a business. Period.


If This Makes Sense, Why Aren't More People Doing It Already?

You see, most of the list building methods out there in the market DON'T work.

There is a lot of bad advice being circulated, and outdated strategies being shared without tested.

And while there are some good methods to build your list, it might not work for your business.


Consider this...

If you operate in the "Make Money Online" niche for example, you can build your list by buying solo ads (a.k.a. email advertising) from other mailing list owners.

Or you can do a product launch and build your buyers list.

If you are in other niches like "Dating" and "Self Improvement" you can also recruit affiliates to promote your product, and you still build your list.

So far, cool right?


But What If You Are In A DIFFERENT Business? Will These Methods Still Work?

What if, for example...

  • You are a Local Business Owner?
  • You are a Professional looking for Clients in your area?
  • You run your own E-commerce store selling your own products?
  • You are a Network Marketing distributor
  • Or an Author, Speaker, Coach, and the list goes on...

Obviously, you can't do a product launch - not the way Internet Marketers typically do, because that is not applicable.

And you can't buy solo ads if there are no mailing list owners in your niche or industry, right?


That's Why Even Though These Methods Work, They DON'T Work For Every Business Or Niche Or Industry!

So how else will you get leads and Customers to your business?

Even though I've been making serious coin from doing launches and building my list with solo ads, that got me really thinking...

"If I Build My Business Outside Of The Internet Marketing Niche... Heck, Anywhere Else... How Will I Do It?"


So In The Last 6 Months, I Put This New Theory To The Test.

Moving outside my usual business, I built a NEW list and here's just one of them:


Now I know this figure won't exactly turn heads, but veteran list builders know it's Quality > Quantity.

I brought in laser-focused, hyper-targeted prospects through what I call an "Evergreen Leads" system.

And from this list, I was able to get Clients paying me High Ticket for Coaching...

Sit participants for several of my live events...

Even recruited people for 2 MLM Companies - recently I was recognized at a Weekend Leadership Convention

This is just a taste of what it's like owning a small but responsive list.

Above all, you can use a timeless method to continuously get in leads for whatever Business you run

- without depending on launches
- without depending on affiliates
- without depending on solo ads

(especially if you've been limited to just these choices all these while)

I was so excited by this discovery that I wrote an e-book on it a while ago to share this concept and training with my Clients, Customers and an exclusive Facebook Group.

But today I am going to take one step further...

Today, You Get The Private Label Rights To My

Evergreen Leads Business

Not only do you get my training on how to build your list using an evergreen lead generation method, you also get the Private Label version of my Course. I had mentions of my name and company removed so it is completely white labeled for you.


Finally You Can Make A Massive Income Hand Over Fist From This Premium Product In A High Demand Niche! All You Need To Do Is...

1. Customize

2. Upload

3. Send Traffic

4. Make Money!

Let's Take A Look Inside This Amazing Package

Component #1: 77-Page High Quality E-Book In PDF And Word

10,674 total word count, 77 pages jam-packed with solid content that's both actionable and easy to follow.

Check out the Table of Contents...

This training course is stripped of my personal identity and branding, thus has been 'white labeled' for you to rebrand as your own and remember, you keep EVERY SALE you make!

Quite simply: you are getting an INSTANT product that markets itself!

You get this book in PDF format that you can resell as it is - and also the WORD document so you can edit, put your name as the author, retitle or rebrand as part of your product line!

(Valued At $500)

Component #2: Professional Sales Page & Thank You Page

Keep your wallet away from expensive copywriters that charge thousands of dollars… because a professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You Page have already been done for you!

Put your name and order link, slap it up on your website and you can start selling right away!

Furthermore, unlike typical Resale Rights we won’t hold you back on how and what you want to present on your sales page.

(A Decent Copywriter Charges At Least $500 Or Higher To Write This Copy)

Component #3: Professional Sales Video Ready To Go

What do all the bestsellers on ClickBank, JVZoo, W+, JVShare, etc. have in common? They almost always feature a sales video.

So it makes sense that you have one too. While videos are getting popular, the thing is that creating your own sales video isn’t exactly easy.

Thus we took liberty of doing that for you too! And you even get the transcript for this sales video!

(This Sales Video Creation Is At Least $300 Or Higher)

Component #4: Instant Graphics Bundle Done For You

You can use the Graphics set as it is, although we feel you should take full advantage of the editing rights you get to this entire package. For this, you get the editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers and Website graphics!

You can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or alternatively GIMP (a free software available to download online) – add your name and URL, change the title, change the colors… it’s totally your choice!

(A Graphic Designer Would Charge $250 Or Higher For Equivalent Work)

Component #5: Special Give Away Videos with PLR

You get 6 MP4 videos on Email Marketing Profits, a perfect complement to the list building product you're selling!

You can also put your name as the author, rebrand and resell for 100% profits!

The main purpose of this offer in particular though, is to use as a Bonus to enhance your offer value OR ‘bribe’ your visitors to join your mailing list from your squeeze page.

This special giveaway makes a fantastic, valuable addon to your main product and business empire!

(Valued At $200)

Component #6: Instant Landing Page

Well what’s a report for if you don’t have the means to ‘bribe’ your subscribers right?

You also get my ready-to-go Landing Page - just put in your opt-in form and you are ready to start collecting subscribers and build your opt-in list! This page can be used as an exit page or send traffic here directly!

Designed to be simple, professional and above fold, this page is all it takes to suck in leads like vacuum on steroids!

(Valued At $100)

Component #7: 4 Follow-Up Emails

What happens after the visitors join your mailing list? They expect to get content emails from you after that - and guess what? This has already been done for you!

Just put these 4 x content emails into your autoresponder and set it to send out DAILY as soon as your subscriber joins your list!

Don’t forget to add your website link in so you can make money and close more sales on the follow-ups!

(Valued At $80)

Component #8: Private Label Rights License To This Entire Product

For your convenience, additional Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights license have been created for you so if you want, you can pass any of these rights to your customers too! . . . But the Private Label Rights privilege remains only yours!

(The Private Label Rights License Is Valued At $497)

Here's What You Can Do With This Amazing PLR Package

  • You can use the digital course for personal use
  • You can put your name on the product as the author!
  • You can edit the contents, change the E-Cover, re-title the Product and its modules, and include your very own back-end affiliate links!
  • You can repurpose the contents into other formats - for example, you can repurpose them as e-books to sell to audience that prefer to read. You can also break it down into articles or viral special reports to build your mailing list!
  • You can sell the products, individually or in a package at any price you wish! The profit potential is yours to decide and remember... you keep 100% of the profits!
  • You can add the product into your paid membership site for your members to enjoy and increase the perceived value of your membership content!
  • You can use the product as a bonus to another product you are selling!
  • You can include this into a paid package and sell at a higher price!
  • You can sell through dime sale events!
  • You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights - together or separately - to the product and sell at a higher price!
  • You can use parts of the product to give away to build your mailing list!
  • You can change and publish the products offline! (DVD, home study course, seminar material)

And So Much More within our terms and conditions of our product

As you can see, there are many ways to make money. Above all however...

There is NO writing from scratch
There is NO designing to do
There is NO copywriting to do

You practically get to skip all the product creation so you can get started

Not Next Month
Not Next Week
Not Next Few Days Even...


... And Make Money For A Long Time To Come!

Here's How I See It...

You can spend $1,000 to hire a ghostwriter to write your content...

(And it still won't come close to the training I've created - because there's a huge DIFFERENCE in experience)

You can spend days, maybe weeks writing your book...

(For the record, I took slightly more than a week to write this book)


Shortcut It All For Just $27

For a one-time investment of just $27, you get my Evergreen Leads Business Book and Training.

And You Also Get The Private Label Rights To Rebrand And Resell This At Any Price You Want.

If you sell it for $27 each, this means you only need to make 1 sale and the rest is PROFIT.

Let's not forget...

I am also giving you the reseller materials so you can start making money with this training (This would have set you back by thousands of dollars more if you outsource everything)

Act Now And You Also Get These Bonuses

(Valid Only If You Act Today)

fade-leftfade-rightFast Action Bonus #1

Because This Is Newly Launched, I Have A Special Discount For You...

For a limited time only, you can get your instant access to the PLR package and the bonuses you see on this page right now at a price much lower than retail.

"Evergreen Business Videos" Private Label Rights Package

  • Component 1: Training Book in PDF and WORD format
  • Component 2: Professional Sales Letter and Thank You Page
  • Component 3: Professionally Made Sales Video
  • Component 4: Covers And Graphics with PSD Files Included
  • Component 5: Ready-To-Go Landing Page
  • Component 6: Special Giveaway Offer with PLR
  • Component 7: 4 Follow-Up Email Series
  • Component 8: Private Label Rights License To Entire Package

You Also Get:

  • Bonus #1: Video Tutorial On How To Brand And Setup This PLR Product ($97 value) YOURS FREE

Get Instant Access Today For $97.00 Now Only

PLRXtreme: Evergreen Leads Business

Edmund Loh

P.S. One thing to note: You're getting a massive saving today, since this is a brand new PLR package. Make sure you click the link above, and buy this sensational offer right now because the price is going up very soon!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our PLRXtreme products with a 30 day full satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you will love this. If this Private Label Rights package isn't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, write to our support helpdesk, let us know why and we will return your purchase in full. The bonuses are yours to keep.

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