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"How To Have Your Own Affiliate Course So You Can Personalize, Sell As Yours & Keep ALL The Sales!"

No Need To Create From Scratch. No Costly Product Development.

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From Edmund Loh & Terrence Tillman

Dear Business Owner,

If you want to have a quality digital product that you can confidently stick your name on, proudly call it your own and keeps selling for a long time to a ready-demand niche market...

Without having to write from scratch or fork out thousands of dollars in custom product development...

... Then we have something in store for you!

On this page, you can get the rights to a comprehensive training course that shows how anyone can start and run their own Affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing has been around for years, and it's only going to get more popular.

This Is Why We're Excited To Release

The Private Label Rights To Webinar Secrets

This is the private label or white label version to our training course - with any mention of our name, company and personal sites removed from it.

So instead of spending weeks or months and thousands of dollars to painstakingly develop your own product, you can start TODAY.

Because we are also including the licensing at no extra cost, not only you get access to a course on how to start and run your affiliate marketing business (like us), this doubles as a product you can resell!

As you can see, unlike most (if not all) other Private Label products out there on the same topic, this is created from REAL experience and not some "outsourced to Fiverr" kind of content.

Let's Take A Look At Everything You're Getting:

Component #1: Affiliate Maestro Video Training

The first thing you get is the video training course on how anyone can build their own affiliate marketing business.

This is a six-part course with a total running time of 43 minutes, titles include:

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Choosing The Most Profitable Product
  • Review Writing Technique
  • How to Double Your Commissions
  • Generating Traffic via Solo Ads
  • Build And Scale Your Affiliate Empire

(These videos are valued at $997)

Component #2: Transcript For The Videos

If you want to do your own voice over or preferred text to speech tool, the transcript is also included for the videos in NOTEPAD (so you can copy paste the clear format into any other app or program)

(This is valued at $497)

Component #3: Powerpoint Slides

As videos are mainly PowerPoint based, it makes sense that we also include the 92 PPT slides - deliberately simple and minimalist for easier personalization (if you want).

(This is valued at $297)

Component #4: PDF and Word Book

You also get the 51-page book that can be sold, or you can also repurpose it as a lead magnet.

It's a great credibility builder that can double as your 'name card'.

You can edit and personalize it further from the Word document version, and make it your own.

(Ghostwriter rates for a similar report is $497 and above)

Component #5: Ready-Made Sales Copy And TQ Page

The next thing you get is the sales copy and thank you page. Just swap in your own name or pen name, put your own buy button in, and set it up on your web host... you're ready to go!

While we normally provide the HTML page, because there are plenty of different page builders today, we also included the Text version so you can copy paste the contents into any page builder you are using.

(This component is valued at least $997 though it's not uncommon for copywriters to charge more than this)

Component #6: Professional Graphics Set with PSD Files

While you can use the Graphics set as it is, you also get the PSD files to them.

So if you have Photoshop or GIMP (a free graphics editor software you can download online) you can edit the covers however your creativity sees fit.

(Expert Graphic Designers charge $497 for a similar bundle like this)

Component #7: 4 x Autoresponder Email Series

As soon as your prospects opt into your email list, what happens next? They get your email series!

One of the main challenges marketers constantly face is coming up with ideas on what to write, and if there is any winning formula to follow.

Well, this is taken care of for you. We saved you the trouble of writing them all by yourself - all you need to do is add your own sales page links, again personalize where you see fit, and load them into your email autoresponder account (recommended that the emails are set to DAILY interval)

(I've charged $50 per promotion and autoresponder email to my Clients, making this total value $200)

Component #8: Facebook Ad Creatives And Ad Set Suggestions

While I've removed my own personal ad copy content and images - because it's meant to be 'white label' - the ads are compliant by Facebook advertising policies (as of the time of this release)

You get the image creatives all in square 1080x1080 pixels.

You also get the Ad Set list that I've been using - but do test them, as results do differ from region to region, and Facebook algorithm is like a pandora's box.

If anything, this is an absolute time and effort saver for you.

(This component is valued at $200)

Component #9: The Private Label Rights License

Ultimately, you get the Private Label Rights to this bundle (which is mighty rare for a course like this!)

This means you...

  • CAN put your name or pen name as the author
  • CAN change the title
  • CAN edit the contents i.e. book contents, watermark the videos, intro/outro, etc.
  • CAN edit the sales letter, thank you page and any other pages if any
  • CAN edit the graphics
  • CAN sell and keep 100% of the sales
  • CAN repurpose content to other formats e.g. video content transcribed to book
  • CAN put into paid membership site
  • Can be published offline (physical book, home study course, DVD, etc.)
  • CAN be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
  • CAN be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
  • CAN be broken into smaller mini-products or mini-courses as seen fit
  • CAN be translated to other languages
  • CAN sell with Resell / Master Resell Rights

There are limits to the license, so I want to also make it clear on the following list that you CANNOT do:

  • CANNOT resell or give away the Private Label Rights. I am the only and sole authority to sell the Private Label Rights to this product
  • CANNOT be given away for free. Which wouldn't make business sense anyway, plus you can do that with the Lead Magnet report (which is the one component allowed to do so)

This is my hard work, so if you are going to get the Private Label Rights to it please respect and abide by the terms and conditions.

(It is not uncommon for individual Private Label Rights License to sell for $2,997 and above...)

Let's Recap:

☑️ Component #1: Affiliate Maestro Training Course - $997 Value

☑️ Component #2: Transcript For The Videos - $497 Value

☑️ Component #3: Powerpoint Slides - $297 Value

☑️ Component #4: PDF and WORD Book - $497 Value

☑️ Component #5: Ready-Made Sales Copy And Thank You Page - $997 Value

☑️ Component #6: Professional Graphics Set with PSD files included - $497 Value

☑️ Component #7: 4 x Autoresponder Email Series - $200 Value

☑️ Component #8: Ready Made Facebook Ad Creatives And Ad Set Suggestions - $200 Value

☑️ Component #9: Non-Transferable Private Label Rights License - $2,997 Value

Total Value: $7,179

Of course, we won't be charging anything like that.

Although there ARE business owners that fork out this kind of sum for custom product development.

So even if we charge say $2,000 for this, it's a small price to pay to create a cushy six-figure or even five-figure business.

But we're training our sights on the long term, and we feel if we wow you with the immense value in this package, then you'll stay as a happy customer.

Thus we're making this SUPER AFFORDABLE by removing the exorbitant price tag.


It's Not $2,000

It's Not $997 Either

It's Just

Affiliate Maestro PLR

Act Now And Claim These Bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

Fast Action Bonus #2

You Don't Have To Say "Yes". A "Maybe" Will Do.

Because we want to make sure this offer actually works for you, we're giving you a full 60 days from now to use this risk free.

That should be ample time and if this doesn't meet your strict expectations, just contact us, let us know and we'll buy it back from you. You have nothing to lose.

But you must ACT NOW because we don't plan for this to run forever - not at this 'steal' of a price, that's for sure...



Risk Free Acceptance Form

YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

✳ Affiliate Maestro Training Course - $997 Value
✳ Transcript For The Videos - $497 Value
✳ Powerpoint Slides - $297 Value
✳ PDF and WORD Book - $497 Value
✳ Ready-Made Sales Copy And TQ Page - $997 Value
✳ Professional Graphics Set - $497 Value
✳ 4 x Autoresponder Email Series - $200 Value
✳ FB Ad Creatives - $200 Value
✳ Private Label Rights License - $2,997 Value
BONUS #1: FB Group For Digital Marketers
BONUS #2: PLR Setup Training

Total Value: $7,179

Now Get Instant Access For Just

Affiliate Maestro PLR

P.S. TLDR; we are releasing the Private Label Rights to the Affiliate Maestro training which allows you to put your name as the author, personalize the contents, and sell as your own. You get to keep all the sales you make.

This is for you if you want to have a digital product that's hot in demand but don't have the time and/or expertise to create. This is also for you if you want to start and run your own affiliate marketing business. We've just furnished our proof and credibility on this page.

Instead of spending a small fortune coming up with your own product or even learning about it (like what most people do), you can get this unique course bundled with Private Label Rights at a 'steal' - but it won't be for long, so act now:

Affiliate Maestro PLR

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